The name Ecerium is derived from ‘cerium’, the Latin word for honeycomb. Just like a honeycomb consists of cells, we create unique, self-contained, modular solutions that can be combined into one dynamic system.

The Story

"In 2009 a crack digital coding unit was sent to Belgium for developing highly necessary solutions. These men promptly created the Ecerium Elements microservices from a maximum security location at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium. Today, still wanted by a lot of companies, they survive as developers of fortune. If you have a digital problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire, the E-team!"

To say this in human: Our company was founded with the objective of reducing the time-to-market of financial products. From there, we expanded the platform into the current Ecerium ecosystem. The original innovative software solutions of the early days are the foundation of the building blocks of our modular ecosystem.

The Ecerium platform has grown into a widely used system, servicing a wide range of businesses and industries. The microservices are modular by nature. They click into each other like building blocks, resulting in new customer applications or providing extra functionality to existing software.

Used Elements


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Stefan Verdonschot
One man army
Mark Ongena
Eric Van Goubergen
Heart of gold, balls of steel
Bart Bulen
Christophe Nulens
Jonas Geers
Sander Fets
Mathias Roosen
Davy Brion